Tourist resort Jelovica

Andrijevica, Montenegro

The starting point was to give an image of a space that emphasizes the natural characteristics of the environment and creates a harmonious relationship between the existing and the newly created. The Hotel is positioned at the foot of the site, and then the annexes and the Apart Hotel are easily accessible by road.

 In total complex counts 32.972,33 m2 of Gross BuildingArea, and it contains: Hotel 19.811,35 m2, Apart Hotel 9.082,00 m2, 6 Chalets 3.115,80 m2, and 33 Villas (4 types).

 To avoid the devastation of the ambience the villas are prefabricated and positioned on platforms set among the trees of the forest.

 The realization of the tourist resort is envisaged through 3 phases: hotel facility, technical block, and one typical villa / chalet facility as phase 1, smaller annex facilities as phase 2 and apart hotel facility as phase 3.

  • Investor:   SKI GOLF RESORT JELOVICA d.o.o.

    Projects: concept design

    Gross building area: 32.972,33 m2